#163 Deep Maple salad bowl 14″

Deep salad bowl 1

This deep salad bowl has great markings and is 5″ deep.

#161 Buckeye Live Edge Bowl

Buckeye triangle

This bowl has awesome color.  It is from the root of a Buckeye Tree in Southern Oregon.  The colors are a rich combination of black and yellows.

#160 16″ Yellow Cedar Platter

Yellow cedar

This is a 16″ platter.  The wood came from Northern Vancouver Island. It is finished with a manufactured salad bowl finish. It could be used as a decorative piece or a fruit bowl.

#159 8″ Maple Live Edge Bowl

Maple NE 8"

This Maple Live Edge Bowl has been enhanced with colored sawdust to fill the void.  It has been finished with many coats of a manufactured salad bowl finish.  It is big enough for a salad for two.

#158 Cedar Live Edge Bowl

Fat Cedar NE

This 13″ Cedar Platter / Bowl is from Northern Vancouver Island.  It is finished with many coats of a manufactured salad bowl finish.

#157 Walnut End Grain Bowl

Walnut thick NE

This 10″ Walnut bowl is quite thick to enhance its boldness.  This has been turned from end grain and finished with many coats of a manufactured salad bowl finish.

#156 5″ Maple Burl dyed Bowl

5" Natural Edge Maple Burl orange

This 5″ Maple Burl Bowl has been dyed to enhance the grain.

#155 12″ Maple Burl dyed Red

12 Maple Burl Plate dyed red

This beautiful Maple Burl Plate was dyed red to enhance the grains of this piece of wood.

#154 6″ Pierced Arbutus Bowl

6" Arbutus Pierced Bowl

This 6″ Pierced bowl is very thing for piercing.  There are several images buried in the piercing.

#149 7″ Pierced Maple Bowl

7" Maple pierced bowl

This piece of Red Maple came from the Tswassen area of BC.  It would look great on a coffee table or a foyer table.