3.8 Juniper Hollow form

6" Vase

This 5 in. hollow form of juniper has a reddish patch in it.  Hollow forms are for decorative purposes.

3.6 Maple Burl Hollow Form – 4″

4 " Maple Burl Hollow Form

This Maple Burl Hollow form is a display piece.  It has been hollowed to 3/16th of an inch.  the total height is approximately 8″.

3.5 Maple Vase 10″

10" Maple Hollow form

This 10 inch Maple Vase is hollowed to approximately 1/4″ thick.  It would be nice on a Mantel with dried twigs or flowers.

3.4 Maple Burl Hollow Form

8 inch tall Maple Burl Hollow Form

This piece of maple burl showed up in my driveway last winter.  It has some very unique grains.  It is approximately 7 inches tall.  A very nice piece for a mantle or sideboard.

3.3 Purple Maple Hollow Form

Purple Hollow Form

This 10 inch tall maple burl hollow form has been died purple to enhance the grain. It has been finished with 8 coats of lacquer.

3.1 Tourquise Dyed Hollow Form 6 inch

6 inch Dyed Hollow Form

6 inch Dyed Hollow Form

3.2 Maple Burl Hollow Form Vase

Maple Burl Hollow Form